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RAF Swinderby (Lincolshire)
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Default RAF Swinderby (Lincolshire) - 20-11-2011, 13:36

Apologies for these, but recently running through my old photo's, I found these.

Many years ago, I did my initial recruit training here, back in the 1970's. It was the main recruit trating station for the RAF. It was not an active airfield whilst I was there, but the runways etc were intact. I beleive it was a former bomber station, though what operated from there, I do not know.

In 2008, whilst on a instructors course at nearby Cranwell, I decided to try and pay a visit on my way home.

The site was split into two parts by a country road. The domestic site (accomodation blocks, married quarters etc) has, since the station closed, been redeveloped and is now a housing estate. The former Tech site which included the admin and airfeild side, was still there. The former main gate is bollarded of to prevent access, but you can still gain entry through a new mini-industrial estate that has sprung up next to it on a portion of the airfield site.

The access is open to the public and you can just drive in. No sign of any Security. The runways and taxiways are fenced off (land being owned by some farmer type, but they are still there and are tarmac, as opposed to the more modern concrete runways. This tends to show how lng they have been there. Tarmacwas replaced at most airfields in the mid 1960's due to it melting under the hot blast of jet engines.

The buildings on the admin side and the hangers are still there and, apart from the hangers being used for storage, are still reasonably accesible.

Enjoy the photo's, sorry there aren't many of them.
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