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100 King Street
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Default 100 King Street - 13-10-2010, 17:04

Visited last night with blino.

Im not going to go into the history its been pretty well covered in the other threads. Ive been dying to see this place in the flesh for a while after seeing the pictures of the safe with the safety deposit boxes.
Weve been keeping our eye on it for a few weeks then noticed the scaff going up and thought that was our chance gone. But watching it go up provided us with a much better chance of seeing this place. So with time running out we just headed off in to manchester for a do or die attempt. We first had a quick look from a distance every thing looked good to go, then we noticed a security guard on site. Again we thought theres no chance of getting in. But off we went creeping about dodging cleaners, bus drivers and the security guard for about 20 minutes until we found access BINGO! and WOW!! pictures dont do the the safes justice at all.

Theres not a great deal in there now thats not been touched by builders they are pretty much gutting everything.

If anyone else is thinking of hitting this place just be cautious of the security guard in the hut round the back im guessing hes there all night. theres a lot of tools and equipment inside now.

smoke me a kipper ill be back for breakfast
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