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Originally Posted by tristanjay View Post
You must have been here a day or two after us, I did this with unlucky pierre off here, he is yet to introduce himself and Ive been holding off posting to give him a bit of first post glory.

Nice one carling, If you dont mind I might add a few of my pics onto this thread save all the explanation etc. Yes I know Lazy!
Hiya folks, yup, oops, soz for being a lazy bum TJ, but glad I left my mark on the piccy of the Ford Prefect already, lol! Your pix are way nicer than any of mine though Carlin, so high 5 there!

Check this link out to see what it was like back in the day to actually ride on the old overhead railway. The first shot is actually of the train leaving the Dingle tunnel that we've walked along before heading out over the bridge at the old Herculaneum Dock...

You can still see some of the legs of the old overhead built into the walls that run along the left hand side of the dock road heading into town opposite the Baltic Fleet pub.

Again, soz for not introducing myself properly before. I joined up on 28dl just as it shut down, so I've kinda just been mooching about ever since with Tristan and my beautiful lady friend who is on here called ElNino. We are all hooked and we have our own lil Scooby Doo adventure team on the go, so hopefully we'll post some pix when we have something new to show you guys. Til then, all the best and thanks for having us and for being out there. Keep up the good work : )

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