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Please be aware these are all taken with my old point and click camera, so the quality is downright terrible. Will get out when I can to redo them all soon, and photo others we've found.

3 from RAF Cranage (spot the pillbox )

Protecting the bridge crossing by North Road locks just outside of Congleton.

The next in line from this is the box overlooking Bosley Reservoir to protect from seaplane landings

And my favourite which is Hug Bridge Farm, looking down at the River Dane crossing on the Macclesfield to Leek road. Its tucked well into the crest of the hill and can only be seen from the road for a few seconds. And yes that is a chain harrow screwed up on its roof. Will post an explore of this box soon now I've located the photos.

There are another 3 I need to photograph in this sequence now I have located them all.
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