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ARCHIVE: Turning The Place Over - Liverpool March 2010 -
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Arrow ARCHIVE: Turning The Place Over - Liverpool March 2010 - - 15-03-2010, 16:54

Described as “the most daring piece of public art ever commissioned in the UK”, it is seen as the jewel in the crown of the 2008 public art programme.

It was organised by the Culture Company and Liverpool Biennial, which was also responsible for bringing Antony Gormley’s “iron men” statues to Crosby beach.

Mr Wilson, one of Britain’s best-known sculptors, is renowned for drawing inspiration from the worlds of construction and engineering, and Turning The Place Over is no exception.

The cut-out, which measures eight metres across, rests on a rotator usually found in the shipping or nuclear industries.

The scene at Moorfields by Richard Wilson's 'Turning The Place Over' display

The Culture Company believes “this astonishing feat of engineering will stun audiences. Passers-by will have a thrilling experience as the building rotates above them”.

this former yates wine lodge was worth a little mooch (also called cross keys house)

a little close call near the top but we all got up without major incident to enjoy some good views...

visited with agour ,leaf1471 and TheFlu24

heres a little video of the thing in action