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Inhospitable, Manchester - January 2013.
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Post Inhospitable, Manchester - January 2013. - 25-01-2013, 21:09

Inhospitable, Manchester

Essentially a culverted section of the Moss Brook constructed circa 1900

The watercourse now runs through a 10ft debris filled RBP under Collyhurst for near on 700m before exiting via a 6ft outfall engineered 8ft up within a bricked arch

First looked in on by siologen in 2004, much of the culvert is the same, except it's connection with what has since become known as the 'Works'

The overflow chamber being the usual ending point for most people and very little attention given to the culverted brook itself

The name Inhospitable came about due to the fact there has been (on and off) a faulty CSO upstream of the Works which over the years has resulted in the sewer continually dumping it's load

The source of the problem is/was a broken penstock covering the sewer which despite numerous efforts always seemed to fall back into place causing said sewage to pollute the river

The last time I ventured up there was around late 2010, it was still discharging wastewater back then too!

Another reason to steer clear is the amount of debris and the fact it's so slippy makes poking about in there awkward

ViralEye found out the hard way and went under receiving a right soaking and the same thing happened to me having returned to brave the downstream stretch a day later

I spent most of my time mooching about Inhospitable whilst Snake Oil & ViralEye went splashing about in the Works

A later visit was aborted as I didn't fancy hypothermia and also the conditions get much worse as you head towards the outfall, even if I had of made it I wasn't up for an 8ft drop that follows

It really is no wonder the brook that runs through the overflow chamber has been confused with a sewer previously, but these days the water is clear and I spotted various wildlife along the way

Finally it would appear that the Environmental Agency have pulled their finger out and the place is slowly clearing up

I shit you not the water was a clear blue/green colour down by the outfall, now there's a rare site even if it is Collyhurst

(Infall during construction - City Engineers)

Infall - Leading to 3m RBP

Heading downstream the now 'non leaky CSO'

A long tight crawl up barely a 4ft Egg leads to the connecting sewer

I was about to give up and after a couple of turns I could here the sewer, so pressed on..

Ahead, the egg terminated into a large brick chamber, the curved overflow weir was stepped up including some restraining boards

The other side could be seen the sewer responsible for all the fuss and the real reason why the Moss Brook had become so contaminated

Here the sewer enters via a 3ft RBP curves around a channel and exits through a 1ft pipe

The defunct penstock which caused the previous blockages simply kicked to one side!

We called it a night after this as it was getting late and ViralEye was soaked

I returned the next day with a view to walking down to the outfall.. Mistake!

The journey is nothing short of ridiculous, even more debris, slippery as you like and quite deep in sections where it has backed up with all the junk that has deposited down there

In short wader fail, followed by a slip into the drink I was rinsed to fuck so decided to turn back

Only the one pic of the last stretch before it got stupid and I packed the camera away

Having returned to the car and attempting to dry off, I headed over to the outfall, which is a mission in itself

6ft Outfall constructed from blue brick and engineered into the Arch

Here the once 'Angin gardens of Collyhurst have been transformed into a tropical paradise, with clear water and wildlife once again

(It's the first time I have ever fancied a swim in the Moss Brook, that's for sure)

....Take pictures and leave ONLY
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