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The Lowry Footbridge / Salford Quays - Nov 10
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Default The Lowry Footbridge / Salford Quays - Nov 10 - 26-11-2010, 16:22

Visited with buddah, shout to Ojay + Sho for the inspiration!

With the outside air temp approximately f00king freezing degrees C, we decided to go for a mooch to Salford Quays and weigh up the foot bridge there. Buddah wanted a play with his new camera too, so the trip was on.

Got parked up on the museum car park, where the friendly attendant let us park for free, which was nice! A walk round the quays and a quick chat about how quiet the place is, and we decided to give the bridge a go.

A bit of a hairy free climb was the first obstacle, but the rest was easy. Just a tight squeeze due to the amount of layers we were wearing to keep out the cold. The metal was that cold it felt as though your skin would stick to it!

As we got to the top, the low lying cloud seemed to clear and the moon came out just in time for a few snaps.

It was really chilled out at the top, and the views towards the city were spot on. Very nice place. The open grate floor took me a while to get used to... I couldnt walk on it at first, I had to resort to crawling! haha!

Definately worth a mooch.

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