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ARCHIVE: ROC Backbarrow
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Arrow ARCHIVE: ROC Backbarrow - 01-07-2008, 00:51

The Second ROC Post I have visited in this area, apologies for the pics, all I had on my was my trusty Nokia 6300 as I didn't plan to find this site, just sort of turned up at it!

Subbrit site here

It was open but due to lack of equipment I didn't enter.

It's in the field with what looks like a Gas terminal or something

And the Orlit...

To be fair it was a hell of a way, I wouldn't like to be doing that whilst the planes were whizzing over! Also I had a nice set of tracks to follow that I bet the soilders didn't!

It was a case of you'd look up and it'd be "Just on top of the next hill" you'd get there and it was on the next F**king hill, I was bloody knackered by the time I got there!

Still seems in very good condition, Steps are still there but one siderail is missing. The roof has gone off what I presume was a covered section too.

View's were bloody stunning!

And a bit lying on the floor, part of the old rail perhaps?

And as it's in such a nice location, a Picture of my trusty steed infront of ROC Backbarrow! (Ok the post is behind me, but the picture from the other side came out crap!)