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Replica of Liverpool Castle, Rivington, Jan 2011
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Arrow Replica of Liverpool Castle, Rivington, Jan 2011 - 27-01-2011, 23:02

Replica of Liverpool Castle, Rivington, Jan 2011

Liverpool Castle was a castle which was situated in Liverpool, England (grid reference SJ34269027). It stood from the early 13th century to the early 18th century. In the village of Rivington on the West Pennine Moors near Chorley there is a full-size replica of Liverpool Castle, in ruins it is a recreation of Liverpool Caste as it was when demolished in 1725. Some people say that this Castle was built deliberately as a ruin to overlook the reservoir, The replica was built in the early 1900s for the 1st Viscount Leverhulme and based on a partly conjectural reconstruction of the castle prepared by E. W. Cox in 1892. Only a small number of stonemasons and labourers worked on the site, and the build, slow in progress, and was abandoned in 1925 after Lord Leverhulme's death. The present owners are United Utilities.

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