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ARCHIVE - Huncoat Power Station (Admin Block) 01-06-08
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Default ARCHIVE - Huncoat Power Station (Admin Block) 01-06-08 - 05-06-2008, 23:07

Andyj23uk first posted a report on this place about a year ago, and it's been on my list of places to do since then, but I've always had better places to do. Finally I thought I might as well pop over and have a look. I initially went on Friday afternoon, only to find a Police dog van at the gates and a gang of surly youths hanging around nearby. Bloody half term. I decided that a return visit the following morning would be much less hassle.

The Power Station was opened in 1952, and closed in 1984. The majority of the site was cleared in the late 80's and early 90's apart from this one building. Not totally sure why this was left - my guess is that it contained transformers or switch gear, and was only closed when the relatively new transformer buildings (adjacent to the site) were brought on line.

The building is heavily graffiti'd possibly more so than anywhere else I've been to, and stripped of pretty much everything. Wandering around the site showed up little else of interest apart from some large cast iron machinery beds in the concrete. The place had a very apocalyptic feel to it, almost like some kind of filmset, and the functional 50's architecture and weird graffiti looked vaguely east european somehow. Not the greatest of explores, but it passed away an hour or so.

The plan for the site is for a waste transfer station, not too disimilar to it's current function, as half of East Lancashire's old sofa's have been fly tipped here.............

One of the many toilet blocks in the building

Former canteen?

Magnificent open views


Machinery hall (?) of some description

Doorway to oblivion

Knackered lock

Cast iron foundations

Short depth of field tomfoolery