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RAF Speke - Liverpool - Dec 2010
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Arrow RAF Speke - Liverpool - Dec 2010 - 29-12-2010, 17:21

After visiting this place with georgie & Kevsy21 resently I felt I should post this.

RAF Speke:
Living only a matter of 2 miles from Speke I have made enquiries and found out the following. Speke Airport was requistioned by the Ministry of War in Sptember 1939 and named R.A.F. Speke. It was occupied by 24 Hampdens of 64 & 144 Squadrons at the end of September, it remained in R.A.F Control until the 10th July 1944, when it was handed over to the control of the Directorate of Civil Aviation although a Military presence was kept their until May 10th 1946 with the departure of the Spitfires of 811 Squadsron to nearby Woodvale. in the 1950's Air Works had a maintenance base at Speke overhauling Vampires and Sabres for the R.A.F and NATO, so tecnically the Military pulled out of Speke in the 1950's. The Government kept control of Speke until January 1961 when it was handed back to Liverpool Corporation.


Stray Bullets.

Thanks for viewing.
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