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Found a nice bit of history.

"One of two of the most northerly mines (see also Cwmprysor) within the Merioneth gold-mining area, being isolated some 6 miles further north of the next most northerly group of mines, which includes the well-known Gwynfnydd Mine.

The mine was first referred to in 1895 when it was known as Moel Croesau. The mine worked sporadically till 1935. It was said to have produced pockets of gold that were evidently very rich. In 1935 the gold for Princess Marina's wedding ring, and subsequent royal rings, was made from a bar of gold produced jointly from gold from this mine together with gold from Marina Mine and the mid-wales mine, Roman Deep at Dolaucothi.

Prince of Wales Mine recorded an output of 123 tons of gold ore from which 278 ounces of gold was extracted, the majority beween 1911-12.

Goldmining in Western Merioneth, T. A. Morrison (undated)
The Gold Mines of Merioneth, G.W. Hall (undated)"
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