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Mann Island Centre Apartments, Liverpool – September 2010
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Default Mann Island Centre Apartments, Liverpool – September 2010 - 13-09-2010, 18:51

After sampling the heights of a crane back home we headed into Liverpool with the intention of tackling some other buildings but ended up here. We were down at the docks taking pictures of the dry docked Edmund Gardner 2 and thought we’d try and get up high before we set off for home.

The three dark glassed buildings closest to the city centre are set to hold 376 apartments, 2 levels of underground car park with 480+ spaces. The fourth building is the new Liverpool Museum which holds one of the original LOR Trams but will also hold exhibitions and a cafe. Mann Island is situated north of Canning Dock and is prominently at the bottom of the city but at the minute looks like a bit of an eye sore.

The Edmund Gardner was built in 1953 and had over 25 years of service piloting all shipping approaching the Mersey and guided them into and out of the docks, to ensure their safety. Unfortunately all of the doors were locked on the ship as is due to reopen in 2011 as a part of the National Museums Liverpool Collection.

Another good night exploring. Thanks for Looking, Gone...
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