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Default 08-05-2011, 22:32

Originally Posted by Morrisey View Post
Believe me those adits will be sealed off as was mentioned earlier in this post, looks like they have started the work now.

I s'pose we cant't complain, we've been there 4 times and done the thru trip twice.

That must be a right pisser - walking all that way only to find that you aint gonna get in!
walk? are you mad! it must be 2 and a half miles, only takes 10 mins on a bike though, i think the killer is the hours drive up to braithwait though :lol:

to be honest, had i of been with more experanced people i would of chanced the top down, but one of the lads hasn't done a lot of SRT, I wasn't sure exactly what was involved and i didnt fancy getting stuck, i would rarther waste 3 hours of my day then spend 6 hours stuck in a hole lol.

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