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Default 26-08-2011, 22:56

Thanks again guys.

Morrisey - I'm not 100% sure yet. In all honesty I am tempted to spend a fortune just to get a second tour (private 2-3 day) of Pripyat. It would shorten the time I can spend backpacking but I've been away for a very long time already. The tour didn't last that long and I'd like to see more of the city if possible. If it isn't possible I am taking the train to Sevastopol on the 28th August, to Krakow on September 5th to see Auschwitz, and the 13th to see Beelitz Hospital in Germany. I should be home around October time, in theory.

Cheers boboil, yeah, it felt as if I had waited a lifetime for this moment, but it was definitely worth it. If anyone is serious about going, I'd advise them to do it right now, as I've heard talk about the Zone being closed off to tourism full stop. I've also heard news to the contrary, but is in court right now with the case pressed against them, so take from that what you will. My tour with was cancelled, I had to re-arrange it through TourKiev.

Thanks again for the kind comments, much appreciated.
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