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Default 20-01-2011, 21:07

THE FOLLOWING POST COMES WITH A TIDE WARNING..., after seeing this, myself and cossienick ventured up here last night for a mooch. very interesting place. thousands of star fish inside here, which was wierd. we managed to lift one of the large flaps, prop it open and we ventured inside. this came to a drop and a proppeller looking device. think cossienick got a pic of this. i got a pic of the tunnel....

we clambered back out and decided to check the rest of the tunnels. i put my tripod down to sort my bag out. cossienick walked back to the entrance to check the tide.
he came running back. "grab your shit dude, the tide is in". "ok" i replied. "seriously, its fucking in"

we quick marched back to the entrance. the waves were coming in. its ok i thought. we have wellies. within a few steps our feet were wet. the water reached our arses before we reached the shore. 5 mins later, we would have been swimming down to squeeze through the small hole and drowning before reaching shore. we went to asda and bought new pants to drive home in.

i think we will go back when the water isnt there.
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