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ARCHIVE: Twatt, Royal Naval Air Station
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Arrow ARCHIVE: Twatt, Royal Naval Air Station - 23-08-2008, 19:02

While on holiday at the begining of August in the Orkneys and just out driving around we came across The site of the former Royal Naval Air Station at Twatt. Now being used for farming but access is a matter of driving upto it and opening the gate. The control tower (i think thats what it was) is the main feature that stands outs out.

We spent about 10 mins wandering around, as this wasn't a planned trip just something we came across there was no torches so it was a matter of point the camera and shoot. In one room it was that dark i tried to use the strobe on my camera to see what was in it but couldn't make it out.

As this is my first report any comment on content and presentation most welcome.