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ARCHIVE - Chemical Valley Culvert - Bolton 01/03/10
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Default ARCHIVE - Chemical Valley Culvert - Bolton 01/03/10 - 01-03-2010, 03:13

I only have a few pictures I'm afraid and I do apologize for the fact they're all a little linear. We only had boots on so a re-visit is in order for sure. Came across this today again by chance whilst actually looking for a different site. Never seen this before and was wondering if any drain gurus could tell me a little more about it. The floor in here was absolutely f***ed and full of gaps, I ended up on my ass more than once, twisted my ankle and lost my lens cap, (and it's even worse coming back down). When we got to a certain point the water was waist deep, but we could see the drain change to even older brickwork, really gutted we couldn't carry on. Any info though would be appreciated, cheers.

Near the start.

Mmmm, Bunkeresque.

It carried on like this for a while.

Then got a little 'brickier' in the ceiling, so I got the feeling it was about to change into something else.

Look right at the back into the darkest tunnel and it will take you left. There the water goes really deep all of a sudden, but there's a brilliant arch and the brickwork turns red (I think). I couldn't get there today but will be looking into it soon. Cheers.