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3 Phase, Manchester - February 2011.
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Post 3 Phase, Manchester - February 2011. - 02-05-2011, 19:00

3 Phase, Manchester.

Another culverted section of the Chorlton Brook. This one had eluded me for a while, and what I originally thought to be 3 phase was actually it's twin brother.

Access isn't possible from the Infall, so I had to locate the Outfall, which unbeknown to me I had passed a number of times on previous visits to the area.

Once into the brook, there were two parallel brick tunnels, and just like it's twin both were silted up and quite deep. I made may way in and took my time as the first few hundered yards were quite tricky, luckily I was wearing the chesties.

About halfway through I got a whiff of fresh, which lead me to a 4ft vapoury RCP

I had to crawl through here a short distance until it reached an inspection chamber

Ahead was a slightly uphill stoop before it connected with A CSO chamber/Processing room

Behind the overflow, the sewer flowed from right to left through a 2ft channel, with a small penstock at one end. I did climb into the fresh were it curved upstream and vanished into the distance, CBA to following that!

A GTFO ladder, which was locked

The pipe twists to the left before straightening up and joining up with the other brick tunnel

At this point the culvert becomes much bigger before eventually leading to the infall, which is a fairly large grilled affair

Looking Out

No Exit...

On the way back, I chose the other tunnel.

Not a big drain by comparison, but still a worthy mooch, and glad I finally got around to seeing it.....

....Take pictures and leave ONLY

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