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Golub Dobzyn - Poland
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Default Golub Dobzyn - Poland - 13-06-2013, 13:23

Recently got back from a trip to Poland, taking wee man and visiting the extended family.
The feel of communism is still present although it left many years ago.

Didnt have alot of time in the apartment block, but managed to take a few snaps, possibly classed as border line urbex. Excuse the fuzziness of some pics.

Our chariot for the week.

Dont know why, but I just loved the stenciled writing.


The notice board states how much is owed by this block of apartments.

Basement shots - Every abode has an area in the basement, much like a garden shed, some are larger than others but all are heavily locked and its not uncommon for "discussions" to take place down here.

Spotted this building in Torun, Not sure if people live in it but it certainly has character.

Visited the market, you can get pretty much anything if you look hard enough, from frilly underwear to rifles.

The amount of Cree LED torches available is un real, they may not be the best but for the price you pay, it works out a worth while purchase.
I paid 25 zwoty's for a Cree, works out at 5.

Poland is certainly under estimated and definatley a place to go, the exchange rate is fantastic, food and beer are cheap, a pack of 23 cigarettes is 3.28 and petrol works out at 1.10 a litre for super unleaded.
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