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Hi. Just so that people know, I took Epic and Dark Nexus to this site recently. I would have preferred it Epic however if you did not make a report now as I was planning on making another visit and making a detailed thread. It is a wonderful explore though. The 'Morgue' is not actually that at all, only we said it was to scare a girl with us at the time! I believe it is cantene related (note the serving hatches in the wall). These photographs, or most of them, were shots on my friends camera, hence the poor quality. Croft makes a brilliant explore, there is some fantastic preserved remains inside. Perhaps one of the most impressive is the wartime, anti-Nazi slogan engraved on the building. Has some other impressive features, such as doors, original toilets, coat hangers, etc. I became quite fixated on the history of this place for a while. I have read stories and accounts of those who stayed here. You can find a very impressive site around on the web with lots of pictures from the 1950's, always good to make a comparison.

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