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The Forth Rail Bridge, Scotland Feb 2013
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Default The Forth Rail Bridge, Scotland Feb 2013 - 18-02-2013, 08:19

Visited with SAt,

We set off to see this lovely structure and it was worth every mile that we travelled, as you approach her the first thing that strikes you is Her height, she dwarfs everything around her feet and then the next thing to strike you is her structure and the pure genius of how she is put together. Then when you realise that you are going to the top of Her, the fear sets in well it did for me anyway.

some History
The bridge is, even today, regarded as an engineering marvel.[12] It is 2.5 kilometres (1.6 mi) in length, and the double track is elevated 46 metres (151 ft) above the water level at high tide. It consists of two main spans of 521.3 metres (1,710 ft), two side spans of 207.3 metres (680 ft), and 15 approach spans of 51.2 metres (168 ft).[13] Each main span comprises two 207.3 metres (680 ft) cantilever arms supporting a central 106.7 metres (350 ft) span truss. The weight of the bridge superstructure was 51,324 tonnes (50,513 long tons), including the 6.5 million rivets used.[13] The bridge also used 18,122 cubic metres (640,000 cu ft) of granite.[14]
The three great four-tower cantilever structures are 100.6 metres (330 ft) tall,[13] each tower resting on a separate granite pier. These were constructed using 21 metres (70 ft) diameter caissons, those for the north cantilever and two on Inchgarvie acting as coffer dams while the remaining two on Inchgarvie and those for the south cantilever, where the river bed was 28 m (91 ft) below high-water level used compressed air to keep water out of the working chamber at the base.[15]

The Bridge taken from the BBC Scotland website showing the scaffold platform on top

This is what greeted us as we arrived in the Neet time

Uncle K out on the structure near the top I tried scottish dancing in a Gangnam stylee....seriously though, I was just standing there clenching my buttocks for the camera

This was shot from the overhang of the scaffold platform

SAt was climbing and running all over the show like a Kid on a sugar rush and on more than a few occasions I had to look away as he walked on the lower gantry levels and generally climbed around like a monkey.
here he is playing chicken with himself and doing pressups on the platform overhang and seeing how far he could lean out before shifting his weight back in the end I just stopped looking.

This shows the service lift and queensferry below

This shot is looking from one platform across the top of the bridge to the other platform the strong yellow floodlights made photography difficult

Et moi on the walkway

Top of the shop

This shot was difficult because of the lights but there is a ship passing under the bridge

thanks for looking
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