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Archive Hilton House - Rooftop - April 09
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Arrow Archive Hilton House - Rooftop - April 09 - 22-04-2009, 18:01

Sort of stumbled into this one on Monday, pretty low in the scheme of things, but I haven't seen it done before. Discovered through 'Manchester's Northern Quarter' that this was a building designed by Richard Seifert in 1961. He also did Gateway House and Hexagon House in Manchester.

I love post-war buildings and thought it was about time I checked this out as I was passing. There was no building manager to speak of, so no-one to ask permission for any shots. The foyer is remarkably intact, as is the stair, and the trademark mosaic clad V column lands here in what I can only assume was an ornamental indoor pond at one time. I had no intention of hitting the top, it just sort of emerged as a viable route and of course I had to take it.

exterior (shot from another day)

foyer + fixed furniture

foyer and column

V column, pond and bottom of stair

view down stair

view towards Piccadilly basin

view towards Market Street

view toward Oldham Road


photos here too