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ARCHIVE - A Liverpool Hospital - July 09
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Red face ARCHIVE - A Liverpool Hospital - July 09 - 24-07-2009, 00:56


Few of us went to ashworth a couple of weeks back at rude o'clock in the morning!!

Think another trip is on the cards very soon!!

Won't bore you with the history cause I will just be repeating what others have already said!

Did anyone notice the strange amount of shoes left behind? Hmmm

Start of with the obligatory chair shot...with a twist! Controversial!

yummm some tasty looking undercrackers there!

A bit Rab C Nesbitt for my liking hmmm

Good news, they've got boxers in stock! Yessss

Some suspicious looking orange juice!!

We found a crazy mummified cat stuck somewhere too, i didn't realise this and pulled it out eww! I thought it was a leg!

Didn't have a collar, was prob a stray that got caught in the broken window

Hunter? Hunter what? Ain't nobody doing no huntin' up here, fool! This is a party not a safari!