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ARCHIVE - Ladyship Mill - Halifax - 10/4/08
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Default ARCHIVE - Ladyship Mill - Halifax - 10/4/08 - 21-04-2008, 09:50

Thanks to Andy for the location back on 28DL

Visited this place with Squirrel68 and we assume that this is all that remains of Ladyship mills in Halifax, a huge part of it had already been demolished. If you know differently then please let me know.

It was simple walk in job and the place had been much abused by the local chavscum but the roof space was very nice, although just a tad dangerous. Infact, some younger kids arrived as we were walking out and gave us a wide berth in our hi-vis jackets LOL

Outside and power shed

The ladder on this thing was filthy btw and covered in scum

Inside the mill there were still some nice details to see

The lovely roof space, best part of the site

Thanks for looking