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RAF Wartling (Sussex).
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Default RAF Wartling (Sussex). - 14-12-2011, 15:03

The two photo's show the visible remains of the R3 Bunker which is still in existence just outside the village of Wartling near Eastbourne, Sussex. Access tot he bunker is not possible except on certain days when the landowner opens it up for interested parties. All that remains above ground is the old emergency exit and the Type 80 radar building, which has been converted into a house! Access is only via the emergency exit as the access through the former radar building was sealed with a 10ft thick concrete slab!

The bunker itself is still apparently in remarkably good condition and was pumped out about six years ago. There is a group of volunteers who are trying to raise funds to preserve it. For more info and pics inside so to subterranea britannica site.

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