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High Places Cranes, Rooftops, Chimneys, Towers, Masts, Silos etc.

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Default 28-02-2011, 10:38

Originally Posted by Kenni View Post
There is no lift inside its all ladders with seperate platforms - i wouldnt like to go up the lifts they use to go up the support cables though!!!! Forgot what they called now
Well thats what you get for listening to the local nutters

I was up there years ago talking to one of the workers and he told me that there was a lift inside for them but I've never even seen inside it for myself.

I'd love a go in one of those cable lift things
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Default 28-02-2011, 11:08

There is now a lift installed within the mast. A colleague of mine has been up there, I'll see if he can lend me the pictures.

It never had existed.
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Default 28-02-2011, 17:30

I've been told there's a lift inside it.... up to the top of the tubular steel bit, They use that cable lift outside for hauling big stuff up it. Was up there when they were converting it to digital and hauling up the transmitter things. It's a separate cable they put up attached to a tractor looking winch machine then travel up in the cage.... looks like a good ride up anyway!

some pics of the construction and from the top for those interested (not my pics.... from a website that has now shut down)

Last edited by urban; 28-02-2011 at 17:52. Reason: added pics
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Default 28-02-2011, 18:11

Great pictures, not seen those before
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Default 28-02-2011, 19:11

wow!! yeah cheers for sharing urban always wanted to see what it looked like form the top.

smoke me a kipper ill be back for breakfast
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Default 28-02-2011, 21:44

Originally Posted by carabeener View Post
Emley moor has a lift in it, with a viewing platform at the top.

Not my pictures
Yeah seen pics of emley - high shit

It's Dark and Hell is Hot........
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Default 01-03-2011, 19:08

Nice one urban.
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Default 01-03-2011, 23:25

Aye, fookin top one lad thats one thing ive never seen and also always wanted to see!

God i'd pay alot to have a ride up there in that cage! haha

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Default 02-03-2011, 12:16

I've also heard there is a lift inside it. A family friend used to work as some kind of insurance assessor, seem to recall he went up it at some stage.
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Default 05-03-2011, 11:30

There's some external photos here, the hill was the snene of a terrible plane crash about 50 years ago
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