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Reload this Page ARCHIVE: The works, inhospitable and processor drains, Manchester, 01/09
Underground Sewers, Culverts, Caves, Mines & Air raid shelters etc.

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ARCHIVE: The works, inhospitable and processor drains, Manchester, 01/09
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Arrow ARCHIVE: The works, inhospitable and processor drains, Manchester, 01/09 - 19-01-2009, 18:05

Yesterday was a perfect day for underground shenanigans.
Its started with a meeting of mentalists (me, deadendsam and sneak) in town, and after some deliberation over the politics behind primark's security, we headed on our way.
A short tram ride and we were fairly close to our destination....IN A WAY.

Anyone who has been to The Works knows that its entrance location leaves a lot to be desired.Whilst growing up, I had heard stories of 6 fingered dwarves with hairy ear lobes and "colourful" shall we say,family set ups!
Anyways, I digress...
Obviously waders are essential for this trip,I really have to find a way to make these things look cool....the style is bringing me down man.

We travelled through to the main room and stopped for a chill.

It was awesome but I was unsatisfied.
We had to go on, so we decided to follow the drain to the inlet.

My word, that section is seriously sketchy.Im sure many of you know which bit i'm talking about.The constant threat of a snapped ankle or filling our waders, really kept us on our toes.

Once we reached the inlet, it was time for another chill (I like chilling hahaha)

It was then that we heard the growling of what sounded like a feral dog guarding her pups (or treasure???) not to mention the unwitting east europeans who couldn't get there heads around 3 guys with headtorches and waders.Fun Fun.
Anyways in the distance was another tunnel, we decided we hadn't had enough and so in we went.

This tunnel just went on and on and on, and aside from a few side rooms with ladders up to street level, was fairly uneventful(apart from nearly slipping on my ass more times that I care to remember).

We got to one of these rooms that I haven't seen any pictures of before.
It had the usual manhole but had a side room which contained what seemed like a filter system for crap and such like, the smell was a dead giveaway.

A few minutes more and we decided to head back and get some photos of stuff we had seen earlier.

I hope you guys enjoy my photos.
I had an awesome time.
Thanks again Sneak.

Peace Out!

PS, so pissed off for leaving the date stamp on!!!

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Default 20-01-2009, 00:31

Originally Posted by ThenewMendoza View Post
Looks like Processor has a shiny new outfall from this pic.


I, they certainly have.

By all account, bricks are in the wrong way too, haha. This was a great day, well done guys for keeping up, and slugging on for absolutly time! These guys are well up for it, keep it up lads.

Got a new one under my belt too from that trip, that processor drain really was a good one. If anyones got a canoe, get it in there, its got a sweet fast but easy flow, and its clean for quite a distance. Soon as I get my dingy on the scene im sooo getting it in there. Hahaha anyone with me!?

Pictures turned out friggin quality too mate, well done man, didnt expect some of them shots, you did a fab job.

And yeah, inhospitable really was a piss take. We did it twice. Seriously failing ankles now...

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Default 29-01-2009, 12:54

Originally Posted by sneak View Post
Well would you look at that, Blimey! I always loved the outfall of Processor, it was so Lost Civilisation esq.

One of my Favourite older pics is st00p walking out of Processor after a trip through in Summer '04.

I have it as my phone wallpaper

I guess it did need the repairs, though I have to say I too am quite surprised to see such repairs being carried out here. Looks like the brickwork isn't quite of the same calibre that we're used to.


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