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Reload this Page ARCHIVE - AFTERDARK: Moors Satelite + Ronson Factory (Aril) + Truck Factory (May)
Industrial & Commercial Mills, Foundries, Factories, Warehouses, Docks etc.

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ARCHIVE - AFTERDARK: Moors Satelite + Ronson Factory (Aril) + Truck Factory (May)
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Default ARCHIVE - AFTERDARK: Moors Satelite + Ronson Factory (Aril) + Truck Factory (May) - 24-05-2008, 22:21

I have had to wait for what seems like an age to see these photos, after shooting them on someone else's film camera, whilst my 20D was at the doctors, they were eventually developed and given to a friend to pass on to me. However whilst on way back home said friend had a car crash and the photos were stuck in the glove compartment. I later found out the car was to be written off and that I might never see the photos and after been told by the only two people who had seen them that they were pretty good, this totally killed me! Never the less thanks to said friend I finally got them back about two months later...

Anyway first up was an abandoned observatory up on the hills, as explained my DSLR was fooked (as Bungle would say) and I was using my old OM10 but due to extremely strong winds and the piece of sh*t cable release I was using I had to give up with that too. It broke!!!! I was totally gutted and resigned to the fact that I would get no shots whilst my two fellow explorers were snapping away....

Luckily one of them happened to have a 1D Film SLR said I was welcome to use it, so away I went...

After that we visited the old Ronson Factory, this place whilst abandoned and even after a total recon round the site was f**kin eerie. As mentioned above it was one hell of a windy night and although lower than when we were on the moor it didnt stop the shell of a build from groaning and heaving and sighing all around us. Here's what we turned up there...

Happy with what we'd shot and me no having a clue, as film can be un predictable we headed of...

Truck Factory (May)

I've included this briefly, one cos it doesn't merit a full report and two because the evening of this explore was when I received the photos back! Yippie, after a long wait I think they turned out ok. Anyway the above had been mentioned by a friend in the week so we were free Friday and fancied a mooch into the sticks. After about two hours or so of looking around and shooting, we had finally relaxed when we saw lights at the front of the building...

First some photos, then on with the story...

ok so we got interrupted, at first we thought it was just passing cars but after a while we realised the car was definitely closer than the road. We sat it out for sometime keeping still towards the middle of the factory. They didnt seem keen to venture in and we sure as hell weren't gonna just venture out. After they left we made our way to the front of the building only to find someone else was waiting outside the gates to meet us. Not wanting to give up yet we waited patiently at the doors. Finnaly we decided to find another way out and went to the rear. Walking across the yard we were about to head for the fence when we saw blue and whites flashing beyond it luckily we didn't get spotted and doubled back in the safety of the factory's shadow. We waited a further ten mins. Finally we decided to head back across the yard to find another way out and when we did there were definitely two men with a dog and torches far of to the left of us; we're they looking for us, were they even on the same property, who cares they didnt see us. After pissing about in the bushes and nearly deciding to give up, one of our party amazingly found a hole in a fence and we were free and already planning a story to tell Cheshire's finest should they still be at the car when we got back...


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Default 26-05-2008, 17:56

No mate they are only small I have had way longer, think this exposure was only 10mins or so but can remember as it was such a long time ago and was on film. The following are both around 30mins...

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