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Underground Sewers, Culverts, Caves, Mines & Air raid shelters etc.

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Alum pot to the sump
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Howfen lot
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Default Alum pot to the sump - 26-03-2012, 19:44

Alum pot to the sump 190ft of goodness

smoke me a kipper ill be back for breakfast
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Default 26-03-2012, 20:45

Shit mate, this is fantastic!
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Default 26-03-2012, 20:48

Now that's what I call cool.
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Default 26-03-2012, 20:51

Tomb Raider inspired.

It never had existed.
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Default 26-03-2012, 21:46

Alum pot to the sump

visited with Buddah and AndyJ

Again big thanks to andy for providing his 1334 rigging skills.

My day started by getting up an hour earlier than i should of had to due to the clocks going forward, this was made even more awesome by the fact i had only had 3 hours sleep, due to the missis ripping the side off her car the night before on a gate post.

the plan was for me to make my way to little hulton for 8am, and for Buddah to pick me up from there, I get all my stuff togeather, go to load my car up and boom, i cant find the car key, this day was just getting better, after 20 mins of searching, i remembered i had a spare, so i got this and jibbed over to little hulton getting there for 8.05.

I dont know why i was in such a rush as buddah with his useual awesome time keeping turned up his useual 30mins late, i loaded his car up with my gear (which i hadn't even checked) and off we went, we got up to yorkshire and buddah decided he was going to one of the caving shops to get a proper oversuit complete with a fleece onesie baby grow.

great, everyone but me had the proper gear, looks like i was going to be the only one getting cold. we grabbed some food in ingleton and continued to alumpot where we met up with darwen dave and andyJ, we got kitted up and walked up to the cave.

we entered through long churn cave to the dolly tubs pitch, while andy rigged the pitch, dave took a few pictures before turning round and heading back to the car, we knew he wasn't doing any of the SRT due to back problems, with the pitch rigged, down we went.

while this is only 190ish foot, it's not a straight drop unless you rig from the trees at the top, and a 190ft of rope to get up in one go didnt sound like fun, the isue with the route we took is, it takes a long time to rig, so when you've not got the correct gear on, you get frigging cold, by the time i got to the bottom, i was VERY cold and wet, this is the first time i've ever been anywhere and been worried i wont make it back out without help, but luckyly the very first ascent is only short, and by the time i had got up it, i was warm enough to get to the top.

all in all, a good day, and i was impressed by the view from the bottom, infact, i want to do it again.

some pics

Visit my blog NOW -

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Howfen lot
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Default 26-03-2012, 22:47

^^^good right up mon ^^^

smoke me a kipper ill be back for breakfast
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Default 26-03-2012, 23:27

some really nice photos there fellas
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Fromt posh part of Bolton
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Default 27-03-2012, 00:11

Lovin that suit bud! And the pics

It's Dark and Hell is Hot........
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Default 27-03-2012, 12:10

its got to be 20 years since i last went there. still looks awsome as ever
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Default 27-03-2012, 19:39

That sunlight streaming in really makes those pics.

@Buddah. Did that suit come with a clip on beard and pipe?

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