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Reload this Page Gaping ghyll / gill - ingleborough- may 2011
Heritage and non Urbex Non urbex related reports and places,
but still interesting and photogenic nonetheless!

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Gaping ghyll / gill - ingleborough- may 2011
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Default Gaping ghyll / gill - ingleborough- may 2011 - 29-05-2011, 23:21

I've stuck this is here as it was an organised trip with access provided by the winch, plus theres a few none underground pics (of members) from the night before.

Visited with Buddah, Blino, AndyJ and Darwin Dave

It was the anual BPC winch meet at gaping gill and a few of us wanted to go. AndyJ was staying in the area and had allready made 2 trips into gaping gill, Me, Buddah, Blino and darwin dave had aranged to meet up with Andy on the sunday and make the trip in.

The plan was, Me buddah and Blino would drive up on the Saturday, find somewhere to camp, then meet the other 2 on sunday morning, to get up to the winch early, We had planned to enter via Bar pot and make the through trip to the main chamber, then use the winch to get out.

We rocked up in clapham at about 5.30pm, got the camping gear out of the car walked about 50m abd bumped into andy, he asked where we were camping, expecting us to say the name of a camp site, when we said "somewhere in the woods" he looked supprised and advised us that they bread game in there and the game keepers wouldnt be best pleased with us, the proseeded to point us in the direction of a spot he had seen while wondering about taking pictures, the spot was the overflow for the river.

we had a quick look at the water level and decided it would have to rain real hard for the river to overflow into this area, so we pitched tents.

all seamed fine untill we realised that it was noisey, running water from the wear that was right next to us.

The rest of the night was spent bating crayfish traps, drinking beer and cooking prawns.

Then came the rain, having no real shelter other than the tents, it was bed time. None of us slept that well, between the noise of the water, the noise of the rain and the wondering if the rain would be enough to cause the river to take the alternatine route down the hill, a restless night was had by all.

once the morning came, we packed up and headed back to the car, the weather was still damp and overcast, we were tired and in short couldnt really be arsed, Andy had also had enough having allready done two through trips and dave just wasnt feeling it, so we opted to just go down on the winch straight into the main chamber, then we set off on the mile and a half up hill all the way walk!

once up at the top, you are greated with a huge hole and lots of campers, I take my hat off to the people who organise this, all the gear they lug up there to make this happen is emense.

we booked in at the winch, and then just had to wait around untill it was our time to go down.

And buddah in the very stylish jelly baby suit he borrowed for the trip

Then off we went!

once you have been lowered down the 100+ meters, you are greeted with an awesome site, the main chamber is HUGE with a crashing waterfall (which i beleive is the largest waterfall in the UK), it is pretty hard to get pictures in here due to the amount of spray in the air, as soon as you get the camera out, it is covered in water and the lens is soaked.

even though Andy had said he had had enough and couldnt be arsed, it didnt stop he dragging us all over the place, through holes, crawely passagers, climbing ladders, sliding down mud hills, it was fun, it would of been more fun if i had actually of taken caving gear up and not left it in the car thinking i wouldnt need it.

then we headed back to the main chamber, my knees black and blue and full of aches, waited for the winch up and headed back down the hill to the car.

All in all, a great couple of days!

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Default 30-05-2011, 09:35

My gear is still covered in mud, nice one chaps, shame you didn't get down bar pot though, I'm heading back in a few weeks if your up for a return visit

....Take pictures and leave ONLY
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Default 30-05-2011, 09:59

Originally Posted by ojay View Post
My gear is still covered in mud, nice one chaps, shame you didn't get down bar pot though, I'm heading back in a few weeks if your up for a return visit

We did intend to go down through bar at first but then decided to just use the winch as we'd spent a night, id say sleeping but it was more like lying on twigs and rocks about 10 foot away from a raging torrent so we was pretty tired when we got up. But in all honesty im glad i did go down on the winch because that was well worth it. As you go down daylight disappears all you can see is it start to get darker and darker you get very close to the rock face. Then a couple seconds later you go through the waterfall and it just opens up into the huge floodlit chamber, it was breath taking and it just wouldn't of been the same if we had gone down through the system. I know if i had the chance again if the winch meet was on to either use the winch or ab in through bar or another connective passage i would choose the winch again without a doubt. And i would definitely recommend it to anyone, you don't need any equipment or experience and it really is amazing.

smoke me a kipper ill be back for breakfast
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Default 30-05-2011, 15:33

Wonderful report, thank you.

I love this pic:

Just how camping should be,

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Default 30-05-2011, 16:52

Nice one chaps, the first waterfall pic is a belter
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Default 01-06-2011, 19:31

A couple of mine they are guna be pretty samey.
It was a fantastic weekend the whole area and the cave it self is stunning.

The view we woke up to

smoke me a kipper ill be back for breakfast
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