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Reload this Page ARCHIVE - Shaw & Jardine Working Mill Working Yard, March 09
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ARCHIVE - Shaw & Jardine Working Mill Working Yard, March 09
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Default ARCHIVE - Shaw & Jardine Working Mill Working Yard, March 09 - 01-03-2009, 18:04

Hey all again, decided I needed to start pulling my weight with just coming back. Today me and a good friend, who'll be called Lime for this report, decided on visiting local-ish mill, Shaw & Jardine's in Ancoats.

Before I went away, on a local bus to town I saw the Shaw & Jardine mill just off the canal in Ancoats before the Victoria mill. I found on the return trip, it was derelict, under demolition, and no one was watching it. Great. Anyway, Lime early this morning agreed to come with me (A bit safer on the off chance) and we went. In 20 minutes, we got there, found an access point to the working yard and found out that access to the mill itself would be a little harder, but the working yard and the surrounding buildings were good enough. So, true to Urbex, we veared from the main objective and got distracted by some (not so) shiny stuff and had a fairly good time at doing so.

The mill in question, has little researchable history on the internet, and I'll be making a note to see a library sometime in the future for some extra notes, but here's what I've found.
Shaw & Jardine Mill was opened in 1891, presumably by a Shaw and Jardine who co-owned it. The building was listed as a cotton Spinners and Manufacturers. This continued until at least 1920 (As seen in one of my pictures) where they were still in buisness. Unforunately, this is where all dates I can summon end. What happens after this time will hopefully be uncovered in a library visit, otherwise, it's either lost knowledge or no one can come forward with it. What is understood, is that the working yard outside the main mill complex was converted into "Manchester Steam Cleaning" and MOT services. The dates of conversion again, is something which needs more research, but a license plate left on the property gave a vauge date where it was still in buisness upto. Someone with a little motoring knowledge (Car parts, and how to read the dates on them) may be able to get a better date from the most modern date on a part.

Anyway, the working yard is currently under demolition by the looks of the brick bins, and how the buildings in the working yard are now sort of missing a wall or three... but a seperate building at the opposite end of the yard is still complete and access prevention is minimal.
The mill itself is a bit of a pain. Access is possible, but due to a time limit both me and Lime ran out of time and left. Access *POST EDITED BY ADMIN TO EXCLUDE ACCESS DETAILS* is definately do-able. Even so, we could see the top of this rat-run barely but had no view of how far it could take you into the main building. I'd love to explore this further, so if anyones interested there's an entire mill waiting.

Anyway, all critisism is wellcome. I did take a tripod but failed to use it, but did use light painting to an extent with torch light.

Identifying sign stones, the location of the mill is along Butler Street, Ancoats, a short walk from the Victoria Mill (Which itself is noteable for it's stack).

The final surviving building in the working yard, shot taken from the road. It's last primary use was...

Manchester Steam Cleaners and MOT services. Large amounts of evidence remain to support this; dozens of tyres left around the area and car parts.

First greeted with this when we came in. P.S. no security at all is on the site bar what little fencing there is already in place.

Enterance to one section of the semi-demolished workin yard. Enters into room with a power terminal.

Said power terminal.

No worries, last time I checked he's on the moors scaring sheep.

Single room, surrounding structures have been demolished leaving this single cuboard. Unknown reason as to why.

Car lock covers, it seemed photo worthy at that time.

It just seems that most reports have some bike, thought it rude not to

Car keys. Probable spares, no car present.

Entrance into the undamaged working yard building.

Not the alien invasion I'd expect but still... At a personal guess, I'm saying it's an overhead lamp for working on vehicles in dark conditions. Any corrections to this are needed, thanks.

View from yard of the undamaged building.

Further inside the undamaged building. This was one of about 3-4 fridges found in the building (Along with a bath tub, several toilets, adjacent rooms multiple fireplaces).

One of multiple fireplaces. Possibly kept from a renovation from the old, central heating lacking mill to the newer cleaners.

Images that follow are of the mill. Has not been explored as of yet.

I've attempted to capture a few different varied shots, so any critisism in any area is welcome.
I doubt you'd need it, but if anyone does need the 'potential' access for the mill (You couldn't miss anyway) please just ask.
If you are visiting the actual mill, and there is a space in your party, would you mind me asking to follow along. I'd enjoy the mill and learning off a few vets and members from the site.

If not, happy exploring.

EDIT: Apologise for the incorrect title, I didn't notice I placed working twice. Can a Mod possibly change it or inform me how to?

Last edited by Lemonka; 01-03-2009 at 18:14.
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