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Reload this Page Hilton / beetham Tower - March 2010
High Places Cranes, Rooftops, Chimneys, Towers, Masts, Silos etc.

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Default 25-03-2010, 10:57

Originally Posted by pixielulu View Post
why does it have a wind breaker???
Aesthetic reasons only.

The pics from he absolute top are fucking sick you mad bastards.

(P.S. No.1 Deansgate and stealthing around penthouse balconies FTW)

Smoke dope. Worship Satan.
My Manchester
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Default 25-03-2010, 17:55

Lovely stuff boys! Some really nice pictures!

Originally Posted by ojay View Post
Makes Deansgate No.1 and all the other crappy venues look small time!
Don't be mean! Number one is nice! I heard Ryan Giggs lived there, was hoping to bump into him whilst sporting my city shirt when I went!

Originally Posted by nckt View Post
This shit is really starting to annoy me now, what's with the constant putting down of all the other sites? Yeah, there are some rubbish rooftops in Manchester and the surrounding areas, but there's also some gorgeous rooftops here, and there's some seriously hard work going on at the moment to get up on new ones, and pull some older one's out of the archive and get some new visits up.

Excellent work, yet again, by Over, Ed and BigJobs, and some amazing pics. Brilliant, sorry for detracting from the thread but people being negative just annoys me sometimes...
Well said!

Hunter? Hunter what? Ain't nobody doing no huntin' up here, fool! This is a party not a safari!

Last edited by Lazlo; 25-03-2010 at 18:02.
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Default 25-03-2010, 18:48

This is amazing.
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life's too short
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Default 25-03-2010, 23:23

I think people take this all too seriously.

I wish I was there, looked fun!

make the most out of what you have
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Default 25-03-2010, 23:55

quality stuff guys

You know, you really should keep a personal log. Why bore others needlessly?
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life's too short
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Default 26-03-2010, 08:13

Originally Posted by Andyj23UK View Post
the key issue [ imho ] that explorers should take seriously is care and mainainance of PPE kit .
I agree, condoms are quite delicate!

make the most out of what you have
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Default 29-03-2010, 12:04

Agreed, I usually bring kevlar jonnys for added safety when I'm exploring with you Sam

Only just seen this report, top stuff and excellent pictures!

Oh and you're mad standing up on that wind breaker haha!

Last edited by Millhouse; 29-03-2010 at 12:07.
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Default 07-04-2010, 20:09

Amazing work.
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Default 18-05-2010, 19:34

Well in guys...looks fantastic up there

Originally Posted by pixielulu View Post
fab pics there guys, you are mad indeed, and a stupid question for you now... i know you would never believe it coming from me lol
why does it have a wind breaker??? just wondered
I've heard it's to stop wind noise whilst they're filming corrie but thats probably !!!
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Default 09-07-2010, 19:38

Well done!
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