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Bowden Lumsden Murder House 12/09
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Arrow Bowden Lumsden Murder House 12/09 - 15-12-2009, 20:31

Okay guys,don't usually do houses but this one was well on my wavelength, It is pretty gutted for what will become obvious reasons what at first glance looks like your average, above average filthy rich mansion house holds a sinister tale but here we go with the disturbing history on this place(oh and big thanks to R1 for a cracking day)here we go...(oh and for the people that don't know, a lot of crime scenes get sealed or raised to the ground after such horrific circumstances due to the nature of such crimes) enjoy...

OAKLEIGH had become a rather cold and miserable home for the Lumsdens, despite its grandeur and idyllic Cheshire setting.

The majestic trees, manicured lawn, the mansion worth in excess of '2m with its antique furniture, plus the housekeeper and gardener employed there - all the outward signs of their considerable wealth - weren't enough to bring the couple happiness.

Christopher was hardly ever at their home in Bowdon near Altrincham.

He worked long hours at Manchester's Pinsent Mason law firm, where he provided advice on banking for international clients like NM Rothschild, Bank of Scotland and Jersey European Airways.

His son and daughter were both away from home.

It must have seemed a lonely place for Alison, who had left behind her own career and decided to be the home-maker. She had worked as an expert for the auction house Sotheby's in London and even helped set up the company's Chester auction house.


An MA graduate in languages and fine art from Edinburgh University, she had travelled the world lecturing on French Impressionists, her specialty. But she was prepared to play second fiddle to her husband and contented herself with working part-time, conducting viewings for a local estate agent, where she was known as well-spoken and rather posh.

She became one of Cheshire's key socialites, entertaining at home, working as social secretary for Bowdon Lawn Tennis Club and raising money for charity. She loved playing bridge, singing - she was a member of Altrincham Choral Society - golf, skiing and particularly tennis.

The Lumsdens were leading separate lives.

They had appeared made for each other. After he graduated from Newcastle University, Christopher went to work in London and met "Ali" in the 1970s. They seemed to come from similar stock - his sister lives at Gawsworth Hall stately home; her mother had travelled the globe and was a councillor in Berkshire.

The murder trial heard that Alison had confided in a pal that her husband was no longer interested and had instead devoted himself to his work. His chronic muscle wasting disease meant he couldn't keep up with his energetic wife.

She fell into the arms of Roger Flint, married to Fiona and a father-of-two, who had been a family friend for years, enjoying holidays and bridge evenings together. Mr Flint, from Bowdon, had long been dazzled by Alison, but the pair fell in love in February, 2005, a month before the death. He told her of his affections after they danced at a social evening at Bowdon Lawn Tennis Club and they later had a secret weekend in Cornwall.

On March 11, Alison told him she wanted to leave him for Roger Flint, later sending a text to her lover saying: "It's done. All calm & reasonable as expected so can't stop crying at moment. He wants to speak to you b4 you speak to F."

Mr Lumsden started to prepare for the divorce. Police later found notes in his office suggesting he was considering freezing out his wife financially.

He consulted a divorce lawyer and had dinner with a fellow partner at Pinsent Mason who had also been through a messy separation, shedding tears at both meetings.

After the emotional meal with his colleague, Mr Lumsden drove home and killed his wife.

He put on his pyjamas, put on the electric blanket for his wife in the spare room where she had been sleeping because of his snoring and was reading a book in the master bedroom when Alison returned from dinner with her lover.

She sat down at the dressing table, took her shoes off and started putting rollers in for the night . . . and then the "volcanic temper" from Lumsden's youth returned.

He got out of bed and pulled out a kitchen knife he claimed he kept in a bedroom drawer in case of burglars.

Alison saw him in the mirror and started to get up, but he plunged the knife into her back. She bled to death under repeated blows.

Lumsden claimed in court his mind went blank after the first blow and the next he knew he was calling his sister, Elizabeth Richards. She and her husband Timothy drove over and Mrs Richards found a blood-spattered Lumsden "like a zombie" in the hall.

Despite the savagery and trauma, the family appear to have made their peace with Lumsden. Sources have told the M.E.N. that his children were reconciled to their father.


One senior detective, who investigated the case, told the M.E.N: "I think he just snapped. It just got to him all of a sudden. On the night in question, they had been chatting quite amiably, but something must have snapped.

"Alison had told him some weeks previously about the affair and four or five days before, she told him she was going to leave him.

"Effectively, they were already leading separate lives. He snored badly and so she slept in another bedroom. Because of his health, he couldn't join in the tennis, bowling, golf and other activities Alison enjoyed.

"He loved her and he still does. He wishes he could do anything to bring her back. He says he still loves her. He said `she was my angel'."

"During the three days we had Lumsden at the station, he never said a word to us, he left it to others.

"People like that live in a different world. They're used to having people do things for them. It was one of the strangest cases I've ever dealt with.

And the mirror where she glanced her final breath...

and what do you do when you serve two years of a five year sentence for slaughtering your estranged wife and then inherit 1m from her will....

indeed old chap!

To see your world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower. To hold infinity in the palm of your hand, An eternity in an hour.
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Default 15-12-2009, 20:43

Originally Posted by ThenewMendoza View Post
I quite like that, more for the story than the explore.

The house where Ian Brady and Myra Hindley killed their final victim (Edward Evans at Wardle Brook Avenue) in Hattersley wasn't demolished until the mid-eighties, and people had lived in it until then.

haha maybe it's only recently,all the ones I have done are heavily perspex'd(haha probably a liverpool thing!) yeah the story is what made it I think(we we're reading it out as we strolled around the place, I have to say, I would gladly live there )

To see your world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower. To hold infinity in the palm of your hand, An eternity in an hour.
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Default 15-12-2009, 20:44

A very different report.......Cracking

"Try again.......Fail again.......Fail Better!".............Samual Beckett.....
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Default 15-12-2009, 20:47

Great read that Laudyx , hope the Romainian one was on his best behavior
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Default 15-12-2009, 21:11

Originally Posted by SparkUK View Post
It's a cracking tale of misery and murder...... it would have taken him longer to divorce her I reckon than the time he spent in jail...... It's going to make someone a cracking house, I'm surprised Yvette and Derek haven't given it a visit.....
hahahaha!!!yvette and derek very funny.."mary loves dick.."teeheeeheeee

To see your world in a grain of sand, and a heaven in a wild flower. To hold infinity in the palm of your hand, An eternity in an hour.
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Default 15-12-2009, 21:49

What a story. What a sad, sad story.
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Derek Acorah
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Default 15-12-2009, 22:42

Count me in if anyone goes back!!!!!
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Default 15-12-2009, 23:04

That is a very different report, nice one folks.
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Default 16-12-2009, 17:11

Very unusual and what a sad story.
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Default 16-12-2009, 18:58

Nice report laudy, would make a beautiful home again once it's been 'cleaned'

Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves?
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