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Reload this Page The Tower Takeover, Manchester - March 2012.
High Places Cranes, Rooftops, Chimneys, Towers, Masts, Silos etc.

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The Tower Takeover, Manchester - March 2012.
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Default The Tower Takeover, Manchester - March 2012. - 26-03-2012, 02:00

This one snowballed from AndrewB and Dicky making a trip up to Manchester to another 'meet'.

First in the firing line is Lancaster House.

Built in the early 1900's, LH was designed by Harry S Fairhurst for the Lloyds Packing Warehouse Company. It's style is formed on that of Edwardian Baroque and was constructed largely with red brick and terracotta.

At the time it was considered rather modern in relation to it's design. Me & Nick had tried this numerous times in the past but had no luck, this time however it would seem luck was on our side.

The rooftop or rather rooftops have a brilliant mix of villain hideouts, Fred Dibnah ladders, massive chimneys and one sweet tower. The tower is actually used as someones wardrobe so that was an interesting one!

Next up, a big favourite of mine - The Palace Hotel/Refuge Assurance Building.

This one has been 'open/closed' more times that I can think of, but when I properly think about it, it's always been do-able.

Designed by Alfred Waterhouse and built between 1891-1895, the build was originally laid out for the Refuge Assurance Company.

1910 came along and the 217ft tower was built, the company continued running successfully for a number of years up until the late 80's.

Information on the place is pretty scarce for ten or so years until the building was purchased for the renovation into the hotel that it is today.

Judging from the graff up the tower, I think the place was a squat or a place for big parties in Manchester at the time.

I'd been here numerous times over the past three years but this was our biggest turnout!

Moving on to the last of the towers, St James Building.

Again another lovely chilled rooftop with a pretty striking tower.

Completed in 1912 as the primary headquarters for the Calico Printers Association the building overshadows Oxford Road with it's brothers and sisters; The Palace and Lancaster House situated close by.

The building at the current time is owned by Bruntwood and various companies operate from offices within the building, the tower features a huge water tank that is currently out of use.

Oh and a quick few from the Ramada!

Cheers for looking, Peace!
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Default 26-03-2012, 10:13

Looks a decent mooch, liking the ramada pics.
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Default 26-03-2012, 21:01

Loving the amount of people in that clock tower! Reminds me of the time Scott got 46+ people onto the roof of Premier Lodge!

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Default 05-06-2012, 05:14

Originally Posted by Gibbo View Post
Loving the amount of people in that clock tower! Reminds me of the time Scott got 46+ people onto the roof of Premier Lodge!
Quoted for truth. SNC are running this joint now though! Good lads!
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Default 26-03-2012, 21:29

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Default 27-05-2012, 15:19

Seriously impressed by the number of people you managed to get.
Definitely planning on trying the Assurance Building next time I'm in Manc.
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Default 12-06-2012, 12:47

Big upppps top shots an spots

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