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Reload this Page ARCHIVE: dark peak aircraft wrecks 13,09,09
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ARCHIVE: dark peak aircraft wrecks 13,09,09
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Arrow ARCHIVE: dark peak aircraft wrecks 13,09,09 - 22-09-2009, 17:22

me and the lads have been planing this for a couple of months

de haviland dh 98 mosquito pf395
crashed 22.10.44
The crew of the aircraft had successfully completed their raid on Hamburg and were returning to RAF Oakington near Cambridge when the port engine failed due to a cylinder head gasket failure. The port engine drove much of the electrical and hydraulic equipment on the aircraft and as such the crew lost to use of their radio which was needed to safely guide the aircraft home. The crew ended up flying across England and were seen flying in the area near Oldham before flying into high ground above Dovestones Reservoir.
not much left of this one due to it being mainly made of timber

memorial u can just make it out

Gloster Meteors WA791 and VZ518 of 66 Sqn RAF, crashed 12th April 1951 on Sliddens Moss while on a cine gun exercise from RAF Linton-on-Ouse near York.
At 9:15am on Thursday 12th April 1951 a flight of four Meteor jet aircraft took off from RAF Linton-on-Ouse near York for a training flight. Flying the lead pair were Flight Lieutenant David Merryweather Leach (WA791) and Flying Officer Tony Hauxwell (VZ518). The flight was to climb to around 30,000ft where the two pairs would carry out attacks on each other. The weather forecast for the day was for complete cloud cover from 1,500ft to 20,000ft, on reaching 30,000ft the four aircraft were still in thick cloud and radioed Linton on Ouse to inform them that the flight would be returning home.
All four aircraft turned back towards Linton-on-Ouse after having descended back through 20,000ft Flt Lt Leach reported he could what he thought was Leeds through a break in the cloud and he and F/O Hauxwell were going to proceed down. The second pair could not see through the cloud and not being entirely sure of their position radioed their intention to remain at 20,000ft. After some 5 minutes the lead pilot of the second pair, Flying Officer Leslie Hayward, attempted to contact Flt Lt Leach with no success following this RAF Northern Radar at Lindholme near Doncaster attempted to contact the pair again with no success. Following this a search was mounted with wreckage being spotted latter in the day with a ground team reaching the seen the following afternoon.
The two aircraft had continued to descend through cloud and without ever breaking out of the bottom of the overcast had flown into the top of the moor in formation. The marks left by the two aircraft are still clearly visible. There was not as some have suggested a mid-air collision.
in memory dead but not forgoten

under carrage


dont no what this is anybody no

jet houseing

something to do with the jet engine i think

somemore wreckage

bit of map reading

looking down to the longendale valley bleaklow hill to the left i think

plenty more on this link ere

hope u enjoy them
until next time:thu mbs

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Default 12-01-2010, 23:04

Originally Posted by Devilman View Post
erm, gas turbine engine? it'd go way quicker than with the merlins they usually had
Yup, gas turbine engine. There's two different aircraft types mentioned in the thread - Mosquito and Meteor.

That is the front end of what is pretty much the heart of one of the engines which, on a Meteor from 1951, would most probably have been a "Derwent". It is actually the single stage compressor spool which pulled in and squeezed ("compressed") the air before feeding it into the combustion chambers, of which there were 10. It can be seen in-situ here on this cutaway of a Derwent engine:

You call it the "turbine" but in fact the turbine spool is missing from that (see the diagram below); it would have been on the same shaft but about about 2 feet further along. The hot gases from the 10 combustion chambers drive the turbine which in turn drives the compressor which in turn sucks in air which is mixed with fuel which ignites which drives the turbine, etc, etc. The hot gases also provide the thrust which pushes the aircraft forward. All jet engines work on the same principle, in fact all internal combustion engines work on the same principle - Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow. Car engines use the Bang bit to utilise the power whereas jet engines utilise the Blow bit (mainly).

And as for this:

You are correct in that it is part of one of the engines; it is actually one of the combustion chambers (which you can see in the cutaway picture above, both intact (buff coloured object with the holes) just above the compressor and cutaway (with the blue interior) just below it. The combustion chambers are where the compressed air is mixed with fuel and ignition occurs. Once the mixture is artificially ignited, by a spark plug of sorts, when the engine is started the process of feeding in air and fuel maintains a continuous "flame" (for want of another description)
Here's another cutaway picture of a Derwent combustion chamber:

This is the front end of the combustion chamber and the rusty pipe is the fuel pipe that supplied it.

Here's a diagram which might go someway to explain some of the above (1 is the air intake to the compressor and 4 is the turbine spool):

Hopefully someone has found this description of some interest

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