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johnfav 26-10-2014 20:31

River Wyre Wrecks, Fleetwood. October 2014.
These wrecks are on the estuary of the river Wyre near Fleetwood.
We had a wander out at low tide last weekend.

paulflynn12 31-10-2014 10:38

Haven't heard of this, what happened?

johnfav 31-10-2014 20:12

I found this after some googling... "The bow of the boat sunk into the marsh near our joanne was a twin engine passenger boat St keyne.Was damaged in 1997 when it was moored in the ferry dock on christmas eve ,it blew a gale that night and bounced on the cobles at the top of the dock and did major damage.It was a total loss so they removed all the good parts and towed it to the back of the dock.The travelers who lived on the old power station site burned it days later and removed the scrap. The zegan was burnt next to the morleigh and tudor queen must be one of the other wrecks on the site."

Snake Oil 31-10-2014 20:20


Originally Posted by johnfav (Post 150747)
...The travelers who lived on the old power station site burned it days later and removed the scrap...

Pikey'd :(

johnfav 01-11-2014 11:33

Well worth a visit though(at low tide).

johnfav 01-11-2014 11:35 The St Keyne!

Gibbo 07-11-2014 13:46

Nice, I like going to Skippool Creek, there's a few there too.

johnfav 09-11-2014 11:30

Thanks for the tip Gibbo! Might have a wander up there today seeing as the sun's out :)

_Ste_ 10-11-2014 04:16

thanks for sharing john

Dugie 08-02-2015 18:50

The wrecks are actually in Fleetwood and I use to play on them as a kid as Fleetwood is my home town.

The green hulled boat in the Our Joanne as you mentioned and the other metal hulled boat is the Eureka BA558, my best mate sailed on her for a good few years.

The wooden vessel that is still stood proud in the Clarain FD119.

Also further round to the left of these wrecks there is another vessel called 'Morleigh' there are also lots more but have now sank into the silt.


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