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ants 02-07-2012 17:19

Eaton Hall gardens Charity open day.
The Eaton hall gardens are the gardens of the Duke of Westminsters home outside Chester which are open to the public 4 days of the year as part of a fundraising exersise where all monies go to a number of pre-appointed charities.

Missed out on a few things as I filled my memory card! now got a lot more Gb's now. Most photos though are repeats of the same things so not that many to post.

Money = indecency! :blush

The dukes every day car ;)
The tax disk (can you spot it?) is was valid as of April so it is road legal!

Gibbo 03-07-2012 13:44

Nice pics but has something gone wrong in post processing - the edges are blurred on many?

Did you get to see the airfield?

ants 03-07-2012 15:35

the blurring may be because the HDR alighment did not work properly (early attempt in this case at HDR (which I try not to over do in terms of certain aspects of the processing)

Never saw the airfiled, been meaning on trying to take a look but not worked out the access yet. Might be best to ask the estate office I suppose.

sallybear 03-07-2012 19:56

Ask? Noooo going to Kayak up the river, and sneak in :):)

ants 04-07-2012 08:21

make sure the crops are high to ensure your not seen ;)

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