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Snake Oil 03-05-2014 22:46

Arachnophobia, Manchester - August 2013
Arachnophobia, Manchester

August 2013 - Explored with ViralEye and Kenni

A brick cut and cover construction with arched iron and brick filled roofs support a few sections where roads pass overhead, changing to concrete box further in with several small surface water drains adding to the flow and a single larger RCP outfall most probably from a CSO judging by the distinct sewer fresh smell coming down the pipe.
The drain is a culverted section of the Gore Brook, named after the hundreds of spiders that guard the ivy covered infall that have a plentiful food supply as there are masses of midges down there, all ready to swarm around any source of light which was a major irritation to us all.

_Ste_ 04-05-2014 23:00

Great report and fantastic photos, thanks for sharing.

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