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ermi1977 12-02-2009 21:22

ARCHIVE: Proteus Training Camp, Ollerton, Feb 2009
Had a trip over here today after seeing Havoc's pictures from the other week.
Unfortunatley there were quite a few workmen on the site so access was limited but I still managed to spend a couple of hours wandering.

And the Razor wire shot.

ermi1977 12-02-2009 21:35

Yeh its a great little place, dont know about the Trident club. I did have a play on the assault course.

As for the workmen these vans and a few chaps were on the road just after the barrier

and there were a few down at the far end of the site past the assualt course that looked like they were repairing the fence.

Azubi 13-02-2009 04:55

The Trident club is one of the bigger buildings pretty much in the centre of the camp. If you carry on up the road from the gate you took that first picture, past the carpark and turn left at the crossroads where the commander's office is, and walk down that road you will find it pretty much all along the righthand side. There used to be a cinema hall, bar, etc. There's a big Trident Club sign out front aswell. You are very close to it in your second shot, those buildings are on the other side of the road from it.

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