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tigger 06-09-2012 17:26

RAF Coleby Grange (Lincs)
Any of you who look at my posts will notice they are generally forensic rather than arty. In the mists of time about 35 years ago I got my first 35mm camera (I was already doing my own developing/printing from the trusty kodak 126) and spent a lot of time doing arty long exposures, light painting etc. I got bored with it and forget all about it. Anyway, whilst in Lincolnshire taking more BHQ photos I spent a couple of hours with two like-minded individuals and had a play at light painting.

(history of on wiki

This is the result (jpegs straight from camera, no post processing)

The previous week I'd called into Coleby Grange as I had some time to kill before getting to RAF Waddington so here are some daytime shots.

View across to Emily site

Crumbling picket post

Loop-holed wall and shelter entrance on dispersal pen

Reddood 06-09-2012 19:10

love the 1st and the 3rd.

Gibbo 07-09-2012 15:53

Very nice indeed.

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