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tristanjay 11-06-2011 16:12


Gibbo 13-06-2011 08:21

Very nice, really like that.

keeweeman 13-06-2011 09:31

some great shots there dude, really good to see places like this found and documented again

amyrummi 17-06-2011 04:51

Thank you for all ur kind comments, im going back in the dark soon that shud be fun :/

Jillbert691 17-06-2011 15:28

I love the look of this place, and I agree with n-munky about how you have captured nature taking over. I'm gonna have to see for myself :)

Navigator 22-06-2011 00:18

Brilliant photos - really capture the process of nature reclaiming the land. Always wondered what was up that track with the grand rusty gates and the gatehouse. Interestingly, I had to obtain written permission from the Baron Hill (Bulkeley Family) estates office to land on Puffin Island (no boat charterer would take me over there without it). They evidently still own quite a lot of land on Anglesey.

_Ste_ 22-06-2011 01:04

Excellent :)

AltDayOut 06-10-2011 10:46

Great report and piks :)

We were there at roughly the same time, a local man arrived on scene and told us a bit about the place , he used to play in it when he was about 10 and said you could go in the basements then and it was full of hundreds of light bulbs and slowly over the years the elements and people have take stuff from it till it stands in its present shell like status.

He showed us that knobbly tree too, i took almost the same pik :) theres something like an American redwood to the north of the estate its 41 feet round HUGE!! apparently in its day it had a plant from everywhere in the world in the gardens and greenhouses.

We went there , one of the hotels you covered (found by pure chance on a lane to Red Wharf Bay), the brick pottery remains and the climax of our mini Abandoned in Wales tour...Denbigh.

Bad news was my 32gig card corrupted and lost all my images B=st--d .

Ah well , good time tho.

54Strat 06-10-2011 19:57

I loved it here when I visited. There's a real sense of peace about this place; the sympathetic graffiti and the way nature seems to be wrapping her arms around it makes it something special.

SupaStu 07-10-2011 19:19

Great photos mate this place looks really cool!

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