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amyrummi 10-06-2011 19:45

The Lost mansion of Baron Hill ,Balamory North Wales

Heres a bit of history
The Bulkeleys were originally from Cheshire until William Bulkeley (d. 1490) was appointed Deputy Constable of Beaumaris castle. He managed to marry one of the daughters of Gwilym ap Gruffydd ap Gwilym, a local big cheese, and began the accumulation of land and public offices which eventually lead to the Bulkeley family becoming one of the biggest landowners in Anglesey.
Their family home at Baron Hill, just outside Beaumaris, was originally built during the reign of James I in 1618, and was remodelled in the neo-palladian style in 1776. In the below photo you can see King Edward VII taking afternoon tea on the Baron Hill terrace in 1907

It is remarkable that just 13 years after this photo was taken the Bulkeley's found that they could no longer afford the house's upkeep and were forced to move to more modest accommodation. Baron Hill was then used as storage until the second world war when it was converted into a billet for Polish soldiers. Apparently the old house was so cold at night that in despair the Poles burned down a portion of the original house in the hope that they would therefore be transferred to warmer accommodation -- unfortunately for them their plan failed and they were instead rehoused in even colder wooden huts in the grounds instead. The house has remained unused since the war and this is how it looks now:

They have plans too build flats here not sure when, but they've been saying that for a few years now...
Thank you for looking !

The Cat Crept In 10-06-2011 20:35

Great work well done bud :thumbs

georgie 10-06-2011 20:41

good stuff ive tidied up your img tags and added a space between pics for you

amyrummi 10-06-2011 20:41


Originally Posted by The Cat Crept In (Post 140772)
Great work well done bud :thumbs

Thank you :)

n-munky 10-06-2011 21:43

I love how nature is slowly swallowing up this mansion. Some of your images really capture that well. Also, the tree (2nd pic down I think?) is amazing. Would look good on an horror movie poster, a lá Poltergeist!

Walrus75 10-06-2011 21:44


Originally Posted by amyrummi (Post 140767)

Ha! Fancy cladding dropping off to reveal that the Posh live in simple brick houses just like the rest of us :D
Nice piccies there mate. Next time I'm on the island I've gotta make time to do here and Porth Wen... bugger the in-laws! :)

buddah 10-06-2011 22:19

Good stuff, that tree is stunning.

tom83 10-06-2011 23:56

Nice find, It really has been forgotten

Kenni 11-06-2011 00:08

Nice report and great shots :thumbs

Snake Oil 11-06-2011 13:57

nicely done :)

tristanjay 11-06-2011 16:12


Gibbo 13-06-2011 08:21

Very nice, really like that.

keeweeman 13-06-2011 09:31

some great shots there dude, really good to see places like this found and documented again

amyrummi 17-06-2011 04:51

Thank you for all ur kind comments, im going back in the dark soon that shud be fun :/

Jillbert691 17-06-2011 15:28

I love the look of this place, and I agree with n-munky about how you have captured nature taking over. I'm gonna have to see for myself :)

Navigator 22-06-2011 00:18

Brilliant photos - really capture the process of nature reclaiming the land. Always wondered what was up that track with the grand rusty gates and the gatehouse. Interestingly, I had to obtain written permission from the Baron Hill (Bulkeley Family) estates office to land on Puffin Island (no boat charterer would take me over there without it). They evidently still own quite a lot of land on Anglesey.

_Ste_ 22-06-2011 01:04

Excellent :)

AltDayOut 06-10-2011 10:46

Great report and piks :)

We were there at roughly the same time, a local man arrived on scene and told us a bit about the place , he used to play in it when he was about 10 and said you could go in the basements then and it was full of hundreds of light bulbs and slowly over the years the elements and people have take stuff from it till it stands in its present shell like status.

He showed us that knobbly tree too, i took almost the same pik :) theres something like an American redwood to the north of the estate its 41 feet round HUGE!! apparently in its day it had a plant from everywhere in the world in the gardens and greenhouses.

We went there , one of the hotels you covered (found by pure chance on a lane to Red Wharf Bay), the brick pottery remains and the climax of our mini Abandoned in Wales tour...Denbigh.

Bad news was my 32gig card corrupted and lost all my images B=st--d .

Ah well , good time tho.

54Strat 06-10-2011 19:57

I loved it here when I visited. There's a real sense of peace about this place; the sympathetic graffiti and the way nature seems to be wrapping her arms around it makes it something special.

SupaStu 07-10-2011 19:19

Great photos mate this place looks really cool!

two-b 09-10-2011 14:40

That is a lovely looking place. Will have to pay it a visit some time.

bignickb 30-10-2011 19:55

Great find!!!

spirit2012 28-04-2012 23:34

So sad to see grand buildings go to pot

Bodger 30-04-2012 09:24

I like this, hope to take a look some time

(btw, spirit2012 - love the avatar!)

rigy 10-05-2012 15:53

Marvellous that mate :thumbs

ianzzr11 01-06-2012 00:49

site been bought by building company who are gonna turn it into flats

Jane63 17-07-2012 11:00

My small group of paranormal investigators would love to go here anyone available as a guide please

the kwan 17-07-2012 15:21


Originally Posted by Jane63 (Post 148384)
My small group of paranormal investigators would love to go here anyone available as a guide please

Hello and welcome :popcorn

NewStuff 18-07-2012 08:14


Originally Posted by Jane63 (Post 148384)
My small group of paranormal investigators would love to go here anyone available as a guide please

You may want to actually read a topic or two before waltzing on and asking for guides. This one will probably give you a clue, it's all in the first post, but others are enlightening too.

Now, who's got the Popcorn?

Snake Oil 18-07-2012 19:31

ghosts don't exist. there. job done. :thumbs don't be shy with that popcorn guys! :)

NewStuff 18-07-2012 21:26

Found the popcorn... It's all mine! MWhahahaha...

amyrummi 01-08-2012 00:36


Originally Posted by Jane63 (Post 148384)
My small group of paranormal investigators would love to go here anyone available as a guide please

no ,but its people like you that scare me in the dark!! LOL im gunna move this thread i think...

amyrummi 01-08-2012 00:38

Its usually paranormal investigators that scare me when i go exploring in the, i wont be guiding you lol

johnfav 22-05-2014 21:31

I'm in Angelsey next week... Is this still standing does anybody know? Ta

Gibbo 23-05-2014 12:26

Still there in the overgrowth I believe.

Don't forget the Saunders Roe factory nearby too.

johnfav 23-05-2014 12:38

Nice one thanks :)

urblex 18-06-2014 20:17

nice one you know if it's still there?

johnfav 18-06-2014 20:24

Sure is! Went two weeks back with not a lot of time to explore. Will post few shots after the football....

urblex 18-06-2014 20:34

Sound look forward to seeing them mate, got my eye on Denbigh but don't really want to travel all that way just for one site

johnfav 18-06-2014 22:19

Pics as promised...
As I mentioned before, we paid a far too short vist a few weeks ago. Here's four shots including the monstrous sequoia...
We will be returning soon with a whole day to spare(including time to see ROE)

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