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AltDayOut 01-10-2011 13:45

Barnes Hospital Nr Cheadle - September 2011
Hi everyone this is my first post ever so be kind, this place has been covered before i know but it's my first visit and also my first with a tripod "in the field" as it were.

Barnes is a pretty much a walk in affair but there is a manned cabin to the north west of the grounds but easily avoided.

The obligatory chair shot


Chair No.2

Dabble in HDR

as far up as we dared i thought this was the bell tower but now not sure it's easy to loose track where you are in here

Thanks for stopping by :)

paulpowers 01-10-2011 14:13

Good report

The old girl isn't looking too healthy

Snake Oil 01-10-2011 15:07

great pics :) how are the floors in there?

Twitch 01-10-2011 15:58

Some nice pictures there. I like Barnes in all its crumbling beauty! I don't think you can get up to the bell tower anymore unless you're a fantastic climber/spider/bat/pigeon.

4737carlin 01-10-2011 16:31

Nice, like the tonnes of your shots, looking forward to more

georgie 01-10-2011 17:28

Good pics there

AltDayOut 02-10-2011 15:54

Thanks guys, I was only really in the main building the floors on level 1 were quite dicey if you strayed to far from the main corridor

The Cat Crept In 02-10-2011 18:31

great pics well done:thumbs

dartsboy 02-10-2011 20:03

nice pics

Lazlo 02-10-2011 20:59

Some crackin pics there! :D

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