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Kenni 26-01-2014 21:30

Red Moss Culvert - Horwich
Visited with Snake Oil

After spending a good few hours in the delights of the loco works, we decided to get this one ticked off the list too. The culvert runs underneath the works and I am led to believe that the two pipes that run through the culvert once fed water to the works.
The tunnel is around 50 metres long and is bricked off at one end, one of the man-hole covers is situated right next to the security cabin :)

Not the biggest, but it has a few interesting features.

Thanks for looking :thumbs

Johnehilton 04-02-2014 19:53

Awesome, great pictures

The-Village-Idiot 06-02-2014 10:52


Are you sure it goes all the way to the security cabin?
I think it only goes as far as the old paint shop.

Kenni 06-02-2014 15:51

Well, we thought so. The security car was parked outside the last man-hole cover from what we could see from the inside and when we sneaked in to the Works we saw where the car was parked (adjacent to the cabin), and it didn't seem to have moved all the time we were there. Could be wrong though.

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