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glass 25-03-2013 17:40

Praia Da Rosha House Next Door
Next door the restaurant is an empty house. It is quite large but it virtually invisible because of bushes and trees that have grown around it. It belongs to a developer and has been empty for over 15 years. I suspect the restaurant belongs to the same person/company.
From the restaurant
Gate to the house of the promenade
Other side of the electric gates
Front Door

Most of the photos did not come out correctly and as I was about to climb into the house through an open window thesounds of a dog in the grounds made me run.

Next to the hotel was a patch of land I would say 5 maybe 6 acres in size and there was the remains of five cottages on it, some where just rubble with the fire place just left standing, others were still intact.
Still furnished I took the pic through a broken window, there was dozens of cats in the house

poppy28 09-04-2013 22:00

great pics.Whats the plans for the house?

glass 10-04-2013 00:24

Thanks Poppy, I have no idea what the plans are, it is a nice house in a great location overlooking a lovely beach. The man who Spoke to me said the developer who owns it has refused all offers for it and has never submitted any plans for it. So maybe he is saving it for his retirement. Unlike the restaurant next door it is fenced off and secured

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