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Dugie 01-10-2014 10:53

Radio Telescopes - ET Phone Home, Sept 2014
Location #3 of the ‘Who’s hand was that Tour’ - ET Phone Home
Visited with: PG UE, Carl Hartley, Nick Whitworth & Scott Chadwick.

This radio telescopes (interferometer) was built in 1954 to observe the changes in solar activity. On site there are around 50 radio telescopes.

My Visit
This was our last location on day one of the tour and with the light fading it was a race against time to get here before it got dark. So anyway, time won and when we arrived it was pitch black, luckily we found a sign pointing us in the right direction to walk amd within a few minutes we were stood on location and unpacking the gear.

The location is a little out of the way and surrounded by corn fields which makes for an eerie feeling. That soon disappeared however when 5 torches were illuminating everything up! What I still find funny is that when we heard a car all went black as we turned the torches off and when the car had past ... Let there be light ! Maybe you had to be there!

Anyway, as I mentioned it was very dark and we spent about an hour here trying to get a couple of images for our collections. I did a few long exposures then some bracketed and we even tried a little light painting. I managed to come away with two keepers from our time here and I can say I really like the result and I hope you do as well.

Final thoughts
This was a nice little site and it made a change from the usual places we had been visiting. It would have been nice to get on site when the sun was setting but you have to play the hand you're dealt and personally I think we all played it rather well.

Few antics on the night as well including two of us hiding in the corn fields waiting to scare the hell out of a few of the group. It Never really went to plan and they did not even flinch!

To read more location reports of the places we visited on the tour please click the following link,

Thanks for reading,


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