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Gone 07-07-2013 23:53

Croix-Rouge & Arsenal Metro Stations, Paris – July 2013.

I think these two stations for myself and I guess for many others are the first steps into the Parisian metro system. I’ve wanted to see this network after various photographs have emerged on the net over the past couple of years.

Along with Dr Howser, MortalDecay and Fishbrain I headed down to Paris on a long ass drive.

Like I said above, I was pretty fresh to this, especially the mid service sprint down the lines. My past experiences have graced me with the third rail, not one to forget about but your mind does wander when those MF 67 emu’s come thundering past.

‘Croix-Rouge was the first terminus on line 10 of the Paris metro system, with its first services in 1923. It closed in early September 1939, with the French entry into WW2, the CMP networks staff were mobilized and because of its proximity to other stations was never re-opened after the conflict’.

After Linford Christie style sprinting from MortalDecay, we lay in wait, with a couple of minutes between the next service. In hope that a large green & white object would slip past, thus resulting in the conformation that we hadn’t been spotted barrelling down the tracks.

All shot on Superia 200 ‘part from the last flick, it’s MD’s on his beaut of a Canon...

The successes of Croix Rouge we brought our minds to Arsenal, another of a few disused stations throughout the city that isn’t tremendously difficult to see. After a rather comic entry to the line and Dr Howser’s pleas that ‘he needed a massive shit’ we set about and got a flick or two.

‘Arsenal ~ another station that was closed in September 1939 on the eve of WW2, it’s fate similar to that of Croix Rouge, however it has played part as a training ground for the CMP and was featured in the 1965 film La Grosse Gaisse.’

After a more relaxed approach to this one we continued on line 5, doing a weird looking run through a used station and peering at ourselves in the screens that adorn the end of the platforms.

Thanks, G.

SBD77 08-07-2013 12:29


sneak 15-07-2013 10:53

Smashin mate big up

NorthMancBeds 16-07-2013 23:23

top drawer. next level business. you are representing. props.

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