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viraleye 11-06-2013 20:31

Tbt, skelmersdale - may 2013

Visited with Snake Oil and Kenni

Unfortunately not much history I can find on this apart from it dates back to around the 1960's so full of concrete goodness.

At first it starts off as a triple concrete box section which made for some hilarious moments - I went first and after around 20 yards I ended up sinking into the goo. After much struggling Snake Oil found that walking to the edge of the box section was much more solid under foot.. three yards later he was also sinking!!

Back to the beginning and we found a much better section to walk down until we got to a cut through with a 5ft RCP with rushing water. Rather than plod ahead we headed up this stoopy back breaking pipe only to meet a small waterfall which seemed to turn into a much smaller pipe. Heading back we made our way to the box section.

A little further ahead it became apparent why the first box section was filled with goo as it seems there was a RCP which would overflow into a smaller section which would then overflow onto the main rush of water. After taking a few snaps we carried on to the end which seemed to go on forever and we made our way to the surface....

Enjoy the pictures...

poppy28 12-06-2013 21:38

Amazing find and brilliant photographs.thanks for sharing.

NorthMancBeds 16-07-2013 22:16

Awesome photography. I'm not a fan of orbs though... I preferred the little fluffy clouds type :thumbs

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