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wilfbiffherb 17-04-2012 17:17

Barnes Hospital, Cheadle, March 2012
I know Barnes has been done to death but this was my first trip here so i rather enjoyed it. Here's a mini history:

Barnes hospital is located in Cheadle, Greater Manchester and is sometimes referred to as Barnes Convalescent Home. Construction began in 1871 and took 4 years to complete. 26000 was provided by Robert Barnes to help with the founding of the hospital and this is how the hospital camer to have its name.

I'd love some feedback off you guys on my photos, hope you enjoy:

The Cat Crept In 17-04-2012 17:57

Very nice pics well done mate :thumbs

Lava 17-04-2012 18:14

Nice photos! hoping i can get a lift to do this place!!

Kwak_knight 17-04-2012 18:50

Nice pics dude.
The 2nd shot with the chair is awesome :thumbs

Kenni 17-04-2012 19:58


Morrisey 17-04-2012 20:38

Cracking set of images.

wilfbiffherb 18-04-2012 11:08

Thanks guys, appreciate it. hoping to get back soon and shoot some more

Kwak_knight 18-04-2012 11:52

Is it easy enough to get into?

Lava 18-04-2012 14:56

i was wondering this also

wilfbiffherb 18-04-2012 15:07

best not to discuss access online. the walls have ears. pm me if you like.

Kwak_knight 18-04-2012 21:05

I would do, but I cant seem to figure out how to PM ppl :blush

Gibbo 19-04-2012 13:38

You don't have PM privs just yet. You have to wait a month and put up a certain number of posts before they're automatically activated. It's an anti-spam feature, but I'll activate you as I'm a nice guy.

Kwak_knight 19-04-2012 18:12

Sweet! Cheers dude:thumbs

Twitch 20-04-2012 03:27

Nice pics!

A truly beautiful building that shouldn't have been allowed to get into this state. The clock tower was my favourite bit, but I've heard its rather inaccessible now.

wilfbiffherb 20-04-2012 16:35

to get up there im pretty sure you'd have to do a big jump and grab the beams then swing up. didnt want to risk it as if id missed the grab id probably have shot through the floorboards! theyre pretty rotten now

Edus1 20-04-2012 16:54

Last time i was there the security had removed the lower ladder but with some careful climbing you can scale the wall to reach the ladders :) ALthough if you move to energetically in the clock tower it doesnt half wobble :D You can climb rite out to the very top as well if you desire. Possibly wouldnt reccomend it now tho as it was wobbley as hell back in 2009

Snake Oil 20-04-2012 20:20

is the 5th pic a collapsed floor? It looks well tatered in there :(

wilfbiffherb 22-04-2012 11:50

yeah its one of the ceilings on the ground floor. right state.

bignickb 14-06-2012 15:44

I remember the clock tower ladder held on by minimal bolts, only two of us had the balls to scale it but it was so worth all the pigeon poo, this was 2009:

urbanunderworld oggy 29-07-2012 21:32

went for an explore some weeks ago,wish i had gone when there was still lots of things to look at,tried climbing clock tower ladders,but far to much vandal paint on them.beast of a building,real shame....

Beech 03-08-2012 18:26

My friend used to work there,

bignickb 22-08-2012 22:17

Great work! Did you see the water tower?

Lava 11-09-2012 01:16

was thinking going here sat, but looking on google earth i cant see a good place park car etc... anyone knoe latest on fences? if so can you inbox me please, getting lift so dont really want wasted trip x

Nicnacnic 11-09-2012 07:04

I tried to get in last weekend again to see how things had changed but the security guy clocked us. Alexandra hospital is the best place to park. There are signs up saying security dogs but not sure how true this is, good luck

Flora the explorer 24-09-2012 19:41

Great set of pics. Beautiful.

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